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Our Lime Indica gummies are handcrafted in house with real fruit and all natural flavors that assist in elevating your senses and creating energizing euphoric experiences.

The ideal flavor for tart lovers, acidic with a hint of sweetness.

Perfect for a kick back day with an extra boost to mellow you out or get your creative juices flowing.




The Lime Muha Meds disposables are another variant of the popular Muha Meds disposable vaping devices. These disposables are pre-filled with a zesty and refreshing lime flavor, offering a tangy and citrusy vaping experience.

Just like other Muha Meds disposables, the Lime Meds disposables are designed for single-use convenience. They come in a compact and portable design, making them easy to carry and use on the go. With no need for charging or refilling, these disposables offer a hassle-free vaping experience.

To activate the vaporization process, simply remove the device from its packaging, remove the protective cap from the mouthpiece, and inhale. Depending on the specific model, the disposables may have a button to activate the vapor or be draw-activated.

The Lime disposables deliver a smooth and consistent vapor with each puff, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing lime flavor to its fullest. After use, put the protective cap back on the mouthpiece and dispose of the device responsibly.

Remember, vaping products are intended for adult use only and should be used responsibly. If you have any more questions about the Lime disposables, feel free to contact us.

How To Use Lime Muha Meds disposables

Using the Lime Muha Meds disposables is simple and convenient. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

1. Remove the device from its packaging: Take the Lime Muha Meds disposable out of its packaging. Ensure that you handle it carefully and avoid damaging the device.

2. Remove the protective cap: The Lime Muha Meds disposable will have a cap covering the mouthpiece. Gently remove the cap to expose the mouthpiece.

3. Activate the device: Depending on the specific model, the Lime Meds disposable may either have a button to activate the vapor or be draw-activated. If it has a button, press it to start the vaporization process. If it’s draw-activated, you can simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate the device.

4. Inhale and enjoy: Once the device is activated, take slow and steady puffs from the mouthpiece. The Lime Meds disposable will deliver a smooth and consistent vapor with each inhale, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing lime flavor.

5. Dispose of responsibly: After you have finished using the Lime  Meds disposable, put the protective cap back on the mouthpiece. Make sure to dispose of the device responsibly according to your local regulations and guidelines.

Remember to use vaping products responsibly and follow any specific instructions provided with the Lime Muha Meds disposable.

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